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Website Policy 2008



To publish the golf club website portal www.club-noticeboard.co.uk (the portal) providing design, hosting, updating, management and marketing services to individual golf clubs (the clubs).

To publish up to date relevant information of interest to golfers of all levels.


To provide a sales platform for potential advertisers to promote their company and services




1. All items to be published on websites that are hosted the portal shall be at the discretion of the editor of the portal and comply with the points as outlined in the disclaimer and terms & conditions as published on the main index page of the portal. The portal will publish all materials supplied by the clubs in all good faith but retains the sole right to withdraw any material that it feels may be offensive or contravene any website legislation


2. The clubs must comply with both in spirit and actions with the terms & conditions, disclaimer and privacy policy as published by the portal.


3. The portal reserves the right to withdraw the website of the clubs: -
 If the clubs do not provide up to date information on a regular basis
 If the clubs breach the points as detailed in point 2
 If the clubs ownership is changed without contacting the portal prior to change


4. The portal will aspire to update all relevant websites within 48 hours of receipt of new copy.


5. The portal will aspire to re-design and maintain the websites with a modern design in keeping with the clubs aspirations and aims. Informing the clubs of new technologies.


6. The portal will aspire to inform the clubs on all legal aspects of website publishing but will expect the clubs to advise upon any advice from governing associations.


7. The portal will act upon all advice fed through by the clubs to ensure the clubs websites are fully compliant with website publishing legislation.


8. The portal will accept no liability for publishing materials supplied and received in good faith that are untrue or incorrect but will withdraw or correct the offending details at the earliest possible opportunity.


9. Publication of photographs are accepted in good faith under the assumption the clubs have consent from those featured in the photograph that these may be published on the website.



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